You've Been BOO'd for Halloween

Aha! Gotcha!
You've been BOO'd!

Now it's your turn to "BOO" two!

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Here's Some A's for your Q's

What is this?!?!

Welp. Your kid has been BOO'd by one of their friends. Boo-ing is like a cross between the good 'ol fashion chain mail and ding dong ditch... only way cuter! 👻

What do we have to do?

As you see, it's now your kid's turn to BOO two friends of theirs, ASAP. Let the giggles continue, this is the best part! Make it a whole family challenge if you can swing it!

When do we need to do this by?

BOO two friends within the next two nights! The aim is to do this ASAP, so there's ample time for the Boo-ing to make its way through the town before Halloween. You are going to have a riot!

Who BOO'd us?

About that... you may never know! Muahaha! But you maaaay want to watch video doorbell footage if you have it to see if the Boo-ers weren't quite sneaky enough! Or, it's possible they chose to leave a clue for you.

How do we prep for Boo-ing?

There's absolutely no "right" way to do this. But there are a few key steps. Simply include a Boo Letter and use a Boo Basket of sorts. Don't worry, get the full scoop of "How To BOO Kid's Friends for Halloween" here!

Gimme the Full Scoop on How To BOO!

How do I make sure we don't get Boo'd again?

Put your Boo Letter on your door to (attempt) to not get Boo'd again! (Can't guarantee over-excited kids will see it and bail, haha!) If you do get Boo'd again, I'd recommend you keep the Boo Basket in tact and have the kids run it over to another neighbor kid to spread more Halloween fun!

Where do I print the Boo Letter from?

Choose from a variety of 7 of the cutest printable Boo Letters, including this one you just received. They all include the same QR code so your friends get the full down low.

Click to download them FREE now!  The Boo Letters will hit your email within a few minutes, courtesy of the Memory in the Making blog!

What's up with the Boo Basket?

Be creative with a container you already have, and then hit the Dollar Store! (Or the Target "dollar" bins" if you're bougie, haha!)  Whatever is easily accessible and cheap is perfect. Ideas include: trick or treating bags, a plastic pumpkin bucket, a gift bag, etc.

How to Prep

When is the best time to go Boo-ing?

Ideally, wait until after dark to go. Dress in all black and even wear hoodies or baseball caps to disguise yourselves from those pesky doorbell cameras!

Parents, park a few doors down. Keep the car running and the lights off for extra dramatic effect and get the kiddos adrenaline pumping!

Have a great time making memories with your family! Happy Halloween!

What stuff do I have to put in the Boo Basket?

There are no rules and you don't have to do anything. Whatever you've got on hand or can find at the Dollar Store is perfect. Goodies ideas include things like: glow sticks, Halloween candy, stickers, temporary tattoos, etc. Get a full list of Boo Basket stuff ideas here!  

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Happy Halloween! I hope you enjoy going Boo-ing, it's one of our family's favorite traditions. I'm so excited to share it with you and your community!